Our major Activity Includes:

  • Procurement  and  supply  of  hospital  Equipment , Furniture  and  hospital  consumables.
  • Manufacturing and servicing of Diagnostic X-Ray machine.
  • Manufacturing and servicing of hospital Equipment.(Autoclave & Sterilizer).
X-Ray machine : (Capacity 15 mA to 300 mA)  

The Electro-Medical & Allied Industries Limited have made a name for themselves in the bio medical engineering as a leading manufacturer of X-Ray Machine in the country.The company has been appreciated for manufacturing perfectly engineered X-Ray machines of excellent quality and high standard workmanship .The company is managed by a team of engineers and technical personnel having vast experience in the field of bio medical engineering.The company manufactures quality X-Ray machines suitable for Dental,portable,Mobile and conventional X-Ray machines ranging from 15 mA to 300 mA approved by BIS and AERB.


 Major Components are :1. BEL Tube Head.2. Digital precision timer.3. Hand operated switch for X-Ray exposure.

4. Exposure time can be set  by a soft touch button.


 Models : 

1) Portable
2) Mobile
3) Conventional

Name of the item
100/200/300 x-ray machine
KM 100 E/RF KM 200E/RF KM 300E/RF
100 mA upto 100-125 KVP 200ma upto 100-125 KVP 300mA upto 100-125 KVP
50 mA upto 100-125 KVP 100ma upto 100-125 KVP 200mA upto 100-125 KVP
25mA upto 100-125 KVP 50mA upto 100-125 KVP 50mA upto 100-125 KVP
Control Panel with provision for the following :
a) Control ON/OFF Switch.
b) Power Line Voltage Conpensation indicator.
c) Selection switch for fluoroscopy/radiology/buckey functions.
d) Flouro-mA setting indicator attachable.
e) mA range(selector).
f) Exposure time selector.
g) Digital /Analogue display of KVP ,mA,LV and mAs selected.
h) Pilot light to indicate ON /OFF position of HT generator.
i) Precision electronic timer to select 0.02 to 8 secs,16 position.
j) Radiography KV adjustment from 40KV to 125 KVP in steps.
k) Fluoroscopic KV adjustable from 40KV to 125 KVP in steps attachment possible.
l) Radiographic mA selection two or more mA values each on small focus and large focus.
m) Fluoroscopic mA selector 0 to 5mA variable from 40 to 125 KVPfluoroscopy limiting timer upto maximum 5 min (Cumulative) buzzer attachment possible.
n) Radiographic exposure switch 2 steps with long coiled cord.
Dual focus (1.2mm/2mm) with rating of 20/40 KW respectively . Oil cooled BEL THX-1 X-ray Tube with light beam collimator with skull cone attachment facility for longer life Double Option.Attachment of the device for instant stopping over of anode after every exposure is possible . Singel Tube Operation.
H.T. Transformaer :
2 pulse,full wave rectified,high insulation,oil immersed,highly sensitive high voltage transformer with HV silicon rectifiers for full wave rectification and emersied x-ray tube.
HT Cable :
3 pin 6/8/10 mtrs long high flexible high-tension cable one pair BEL HITACHI /equipment make each with sleeving and angels. -1 pair.
Phase Reducing Transformer :
10/20/30 KVA three to single phase air cooled transformer as static balancer in range 365-440 VAC with 0.5 Ohms resistance at 50-60 Hz.
Line Voltage Selection :
Rotary Selector to adjust line voltage properly.
H..T.Transformer :
2 pulse,full wave rectified high insulation .oil immersed , highly sensitive high voltage ttransformer with HV silicon rectifiers for full wave rectification and energized x-ray tube .
Exposure Switch :
Push Button type.
Tube Stand :
Floor to celling tube column .Fully counter balanced carriage with a X-ray Tube to rotate 360 degree and parking stations at a 90 degree interval .Cross Arm carrying tube should have arm swivels 0 degree to 180 degree ,tube head swivels 0 to 205 degree (side by side and also suitable to taking tomography.)
Table :
Hand Tilt 5 position x-ray table.
Standard Accessories :
Hand Grips, Foot Rest ,Head Clamp ,Compression Device ,Shoulder Rest and foot Switch.
Description :
50/60 Ma X-ray machine (Mobile) for radiographic examination outside the Radiology Department of Hospital capable to operate on 200-230V AC HZ main supply.
Radiographic Output :
i) 50/60 ma at 40to 80KVP
ii) 40 Ma at 40 t0 100KVP
iii)20 MA at 40 to 100KVP
Tube Head :
X-ray tube insert :Stationery anode with singlefocus BEL makes DSA 3 or equivalent.
Control Unit :
2) Digital /analogue display of KVP .mA LV mAs selected.
3) Line voltage compensation control.
4) mA selector for 60 mA.40 mA and 20mA
5) kV Selector -Major -40 to 100 kV in step of 5 kV Minor in step of 1 kV
6) Timer 0.06 to 10 sec. in steps (24 steps possible)
7) Stand by & X-ray Switch.
Column Stand and other Features:
1) Stand is mobile and study mountes on heavy duty low friction caster wheels with lock system to stop the unit.
2) Column is provided with counter balance for tube and cross arm assembly .The cross arm has forward & backward travel for easy positioning of tube head. The tube head asembly has provision for 360-degree rotation.
ECG machine  
“The Electro Medical & Allied Industries Ltd” digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, office-based practices and clinical trials. Its advanced algorithm capabilities, seamless connectivity to the Cardiology Information Systems and easy-to-use features provide the high .level of quality and convenience users require.Specification:1. Anode KVP2. Focal Spot3. Anode Current4. Focal distance for film5. Max. Power6. Power SupplySalient Features:1. Operating Modes2. Automatic, 12lead simultaneous3. Manual, real-time 6-channel4. Arrhythmia, continuous monitoring with event documentation5. Stress Test (optional)6. One-touch operation for acquisition, analysis, storage and printing minimizes training7. Measurements, interpretation and memory are available in many combinations to meet specific customer needs8. 4 user-definable fields for patient data entry flexibility9. Waveform display allows rapid assessment of ECG rhythm and signal quality10. Portable, lightweight design with carry handle allows to be easily taken wherever it’s needed
Whether it is the operating room or the sterile processing department, outpatient surgery centers or dental facilities, “The Electro Medical & Allied Industries Ltd” has the solution.All we need to know is the size of your facility, number of beds, number of operations performed and space requirements and we can fit your needs with ultra designed and manufactured steam sterilizers in different sizes.Specification:1. Inner dimension( dia*height)2. Dimension of Basket3. Anode Current4. Focal distance for film5. Max. Power6. Power SupplySalient Features:1. Meets the new AAMI guidelines for 25lb trays – process up to 50 and 75lbs of instruments in the 16×16 and 20×20 respectively2. Handles today’s larger instruments such as retractors, bariatric and orthopedic sets3. Validated 4+ 1 Prevacuam “Immediate Use” cycle for improved patient safety

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